Psychomania, (aka. The Death Wheelers) was a low-budget film. Although production was based at Shepperton Studios, the majoriy of the film was made on location to keep costs down. The film was made within 5 miles of Shepperton and down the M3 between Junction 1 and 3. The M3 was being constructed at the time and so there was no real traffic flowing. The production company therefore had freedom to use the motorway without interruption. You can tell this for example when Abby pulls over just before Tom kills himself. She parks between two oil drums on a central reservation which has yet to get its crash barriers. Also, as you see Tom riding off the bridge into the Thames, you can see an Earth-Mover parked on the opposite bank.

In spite of awful reviews at the time, Psychomania has remained a cult movie since its release 40 years ago. The most expensive part of the film's production was the creation of an imaginary stone circle near to Shepperton, which many fans of the film still believe to be a genuine circle. The most commonly held belief of fans is that the stone circle scenes were filmed at the Rollright Stones in Oxford and many wrongly go on pilgrimmage there.

In part to dispel this myth, I have created this guide to the locations used in Psychomania. Some of the locations I don't know, so if anyone can enlighten me, my email is at the bottom.

1) The Seven Witches Stone Circle

The stone circle was constructed for the film near to Shepperton Studios and to the south of the Queen Mary Reservoir (which can be seen more clearly in screenshots Nos. 13-16 below).

Map Reference: 51.405772,-0.450184

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2) Graveyard Scene

Filmed in the Graveyard of St Mary Magdalene, Squires Bridge Road. Next to Shepperton Studios.

Map Reference: 51.406811,-0.462207

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3) Hallway of Latham Manor

Interior of Shepperton Old House, on the Shepperton Lot.

4) Kitchen of Latham Manor

This is a studio set, not part of the house seen in screenshot 35.

5) Living Room of Latham Manor

Filmed in Shepperton Old House on the Shepperton Lot

6) The Seven Witches Stone Circle

See screenshot 1

This view is looking across towards M3 (behind treeline) The Chimney to the left is part of the gravel works and has now been replaced by a garden centre.

Map Reference: 51.405772,-0.450184

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7) The Ford

The Watersplash, Watersplash Road, Shepperton

Map reference: 51.40616,-0.45723

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8) Road Scene

Just outside of 149 Watersplash Road (just up the way from Scene 7 above).

Thanks to Mr Lloyd for Identifying the location.

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9) Shopping Centre Promenade

Hepworth Way Shopping Centre, Walton-On-Thames

This area has now been redeveloped.

Map Reference: 51.38582,-0.420557

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10) Multi-Story Car Park

Adjacent to the Hepworth Way Shopping Centre. Now demolished and replaced with a Sainsburys (with built in multi-story car park)

Map Reference: 51.384991,-0.422118

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11) Road Scene

MOD Military Vehicle Test and Evaluation Track, Barrow Hill, near Longcross, Surrey.

You can recognise all of the sequences filmed on the Evaluation Track, because the roads still have the pre-1960s road-markings rather than the current markings which replace the thinner solid centre-lines with thicker dotted lines.

The Evaluation Track is now owned by the film industry and is used widely in modern films. It appears however that the cobble section has now been removed.

Map Reference: 51.38058,-0.57391

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The green arrow on the map link pinpoints the exact spot on the site.

12) Foot tunnel  under M3

Longcross Common, Surrey

Map Reference: 51.373572,-0.607779

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13) Tom's Suicide

M3 Bridge over Thames

Map Reference: 51.394122,-0.486511

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14) The Seven Witches Stone Circle

Close-up of Tom's Grave, showing the railings on the edge of the reservoir to the North.

Map Reference: 51.405772,-0.450184

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15) Entrance to Stone Circle

This is the entrance to the field where the stone circle was built. The right turn behind the Morris has been widened, so the little triangular island of grass you see behind the car and to the left is now gone.

Map Reference: 51.407789,-0.448096

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16) Walking to the Stone Circle

You can see the edge of the Queen Mary Reservoir at the top-left of the screenshot and a car passing on the road at the edge of the field. Today the path from the entrance of the field remains the same.

Map Reference: 51.406581,-0.450022

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The map reference and the green arrow on the linked map pinpoint the exact location of the man on the field.

17) Petrol Station

This petrol station is likely to be made up. The fuel being sold (Trident) was a small Kent oil company and did not deliver to the Shepperton side of London. Very little is known about the company except that it folded and was swallowed up by one of the large conglomerates in 1973, the same year that the film was made.

It is possible that either the artefacts that identify 'Trident' were picked up by Shepperton at a bankruptcy auction following the collapse of the company or, more likely, the artefacts were given to Shepperton before the company folded in the hopes that they would be used and provide some (free) product placement advertising; a technique which was adopted by many companies throught the 60s and 70s, until the advertising laws were overhauled.

18) Interior of Pub

The Golf Club Bar on  the MOD Test Track Site at Barrow Hill.

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19) The Ford  

Another view of the watersplash shown in 6. This time from a different angle showing that there is an adjacent footbridge.

Map reference: 51.40616,-0.45723

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20) Jane and Hinky's Suicide

MOD Military Vehicle Test and Evaluation Track, Barrow Hill, near Longcross, Surrey.

The cobble stones in the foreground  of this screen capture are still visible to the north of the road segment on the map link below.

Map Reference: 51.384136,-0.580576

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The green arrow on the map link pinpoints the exact spot on the site.

21) Interior of Church

Filmed inside St Mary Magdalene, Squires Bridge Road, next to Shepperton Studios

View Inside church today

Map Reference: 51.406653,-0.462038

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22) Road Scene - approaching bridge

Charlton Lane Rail Bridge: The riders are heading NW back towards Shepperton Studios.

Thanks to Mark Pepall for identifying the location.

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23) Road Scene

This is possibly the other side of the Charlton Rail bridge, seen in 22. The curve of the road down from the bridge looks the same, but this is correct, then the road at the location of this screenshot, has been massively widened, and the privet hedges to the left have made way for a large commercial property.

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24) Road Scene

Location Unknown

25) Road Scene

This location appears once again to be close to the Queen Mary Reservoir, judging by the rise in the background.

26) Road Scene

MOD Military Vehicle Test and Evaluation Track, Barrow Hill, near Longcross, Surrey.

Map Reference: 51.379978,-0.59013

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27) Crash Scene

MOD Military Vehicle Test and Evaluation Track, Barrow Hill, near Longcross, Surrey.

The area is now completely overgrown with trees.

Map Reference: 51.379978,-0.59013

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The green arrow on the map link pinpoints the exact spot on the site.

28) Abby's Bedroom

Location, probably suburban house near Shepperton

29) Exterior of Abby's House

Location, probably suburban house near Shepperton

30) Police Chase Scene

MOD Military Vehicle Test and Evaluation Track, Barrow Hill, near Longcross, Surrey.

Map Reference: 51.37967,-0.578575

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The green arrow on the map link pinpoints the exact spot on the site.

31) Exterior Shot of Latham Manor

The old manor house at the golf club on the Barrow Hill military vehicle testing range.

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32) Police Cells

This is a made-up location, the Wall and window are real, the bars are constructed.

Whereabouts of building is unknown, probably somewhere on the Shepperton lot.

33) Chopped Meat's Suicide

Block of flats opposite Hepworth Way Shopping Centre.

Map Reference: 51.386051,-0.421681

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34) Gash's Suicide

Thames path by M3, although overgrown, the post stump is still there.

Map Reference: 51.394814,-0.486212

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35) Bertram's Suicide

Blackbushe Airport. Bertram is falling towards the end of the main runway. Two light aircraft runways have now been added to the left of this runway.

Map Reference: 51.325865,-0.839471

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36) Hatchet's Suicide

Bridge at M3 Junction 3

There are two bridges at this junction and sections of the scene were shot on each bridge for different angles. Although at this point the M3 is going East to West, traffic is always referred to as Northbound and Southbound and the bridges as the North Bridge and the South Bridge.

Northbound is traffic going towards London and Southbound is Traffic heading away from London.

The North Bridge is the bridge nearest London (East) and the South Bridge is the one furthest from London (West).

The first screenshot  shows Hatchet parking his bike on the North Bridge on the South side above the Northbound Lane. The twin streetlight is still in position on the grass triangle behind.

Map Reference: 51.356259,-0.680858

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In the second screenshot you see Hatchet mounting the railing in the same position. You can tell by the curve of the bridge beneath.

When Hatchet is falling, he is now falling from the North side of the North Bridge (the opposite side of the bridge) above the Northbound traffic.

Map Reference: 51.356102,-0.680472

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When Hatchet is laying under the Commer van, he is laying on the M3 on the North Side of the South Bridge on the Southbound side. The North Bridge can be seen in the background.

Map Reference: 51.355315,-0.681625

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37) Mortuary

Set - You can tell this, the cool-boxes for the corpses are suspended animation chambers from Space 1999

38) Trashing Supermarket

There is some dispute as to the location of this internal sequence.

One person involved with the film says it was filmed in the Safeway at the Hepworth Way Shopping Centre, Walton-On-Thames. See 8 for exterior view.

Another person involved in the film says it was filmed at the  Fine Fare in Shepperton High Street.

Another claim from a person who worked at Shepperton, but not involved with the film, is that between 1971 and 1974 a mock-up supermarket had been built inside an old prefab building next to the A316, and that nearly every film requiring a supermarket scene was filmed there until the place was demolished.

More information needed.

If you can help me with any of the unknown locations, please email me Here

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